Minibus and Coach Hire Prices

At Maidenhead Minibus and Coach Hire, we make sure that the prices we offer all of our customers are highly competitive. We want to ensure that all our customers are getting a fair deal. Our business, therefore, has a clear pricing structure. Get in touch with our team to discuss how this works and the price that we can offer you for your transport need.

You will find that prices vary between seasons. For example, our coach hire prices will be lower during the low season than high season. For example, August is a popular month for coach parties. This month is going to be more costly to higher a coach than in November, for example.

This helps us to pass on a fair deal to our customers and ensures that we can offer you a saving when you book out of season. You may find that you are surprised by our low prices all of the years, however. Even in the peak months, it can be a great cost-effective solution to transporting a large group of people. Get in touch to discuss the different prices with our friendly and courteous team.

You will also get better rates if you book early. For example, if you give our company a months notice of a trip that you need us for then you will certainly pay less than if you require a transport solution for the same day.


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