Top Restaurants in Maidenhead

Top Restaurants in Maidenhead

The Hind’s Head

This lovingly preserved Tudor inn is one of the richest eating establishments in Maidenhead. The restaurant offers a wide array of dishes for any part of the day. It also has a dedicated bar that serves various drinks and wines.  

The Fat Duck

The Fat Duck is arguably the most famous restaurant in the whole of Britain. With an extensive menu that includes snail porridge and sardine on toast ice cream, you can expect nothing short of culinary ingenuity here.  

The Waterside Inn

The Waterside Inn is just your local neighbourhood French joint. It is also the ultimate destination for French delights…anytime, any day.  


Maliks is clearly a town favourite and a one-stop destination for some of the best, freshest, and richest Indian cuisine in the entire Maidenhead area. If you’ve got a craving for anything Indian, you can rest assured that they’ve got it here. 

The Vanilla Pod

This neighbourhood restaurant comes with an intimate and colourful interior area that only accentuates its calm and relaxing locale and fee. Peered with a wide array of local and international dishes, you will love dining here for sure.


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